The ABC Film SChool

We’re all about helping the next generation of Filmmakers fulfil there dreams and hone their craft so us cinephiles can bask in the finest Cinematic adventures the screens have to offer. Which is why A Bat Country Productions have created a FREE comprehensive, high-resolution PDF, simply titled ‘The ABC Film School’.

This A-Z eBook details every aspect of the Production machine, from Acting, Directing, Editing, Lighting and everything in between. Presented in bitesize, ABC tips and tricks, this manual is the ultimate reference guide for budding Filmmakers and Pro’s alike. The ABC Film School offers:

  • Simple, helpful tips for transforming you into the ultimate Filmmaker
  • Navigated in an A-Z style
  • Photos and diagrams that eliminate any confusion
  • Exclusive eBook for referencing on the go
  • Beautiful and handcrafted by our design team
  • Written by our leading Director
  • 100% FREE

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