What we do

From Script To Screen, The Bats work closely with you to deliver Music Videos, Live Events, Commercials and Feature Films like never before. Hailed as “Thrilling”, “Daring” and Groundbreaking, every project is guaranteed to turn heads, attract new fans and label you as ‘The One To Watch’.

Epic Scale

From Superstars Bob Geldof, Skindred and Kenny Wayne Shepherd to rising talent in the music charts, The Bats are dedicated to delivering High-Concept opuses regardless of budget. A defining ethos of unforgettable storytelling and scope that transcend any resource boundaries.

The One To Watch

From TwitterFacebook to Instagram, it is crucial to stand out. A slick film is only as good as the fans who watch it, which is why The Bats assembled a Social Experts unit dedicated to that online edge. Their magic blasted our Network to an impressive 10,000+ army who eagerly await your video.


From Green Screen to Computer Generated Imagery, The Bats Post-Production house is one of the most exciting, State-Of-The-Art features on the roster. An unparalleled creativity combined with pioneering tools will elevate even the lowest budget Productions to Hollywood heights.


Founded by Director Gary Verby and Producer Chris Pennington, A Bat Country Productions descend from the vibrant city of London, England amassing over 10 years experience in the Film, Television and Music Industry. Their cinematic vision has taken the Bats from humble beginnings to Worldwide acclaim, and this revolutionary philosophy continues to grow.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to bat couNTRY.

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