My Night with Charlie Sheen

We all love celebrities right? The majestic and seemingly unobtainable lives of these modern idols stirs the dreamer in all of us. Yet, somewhere along the road the media has drowned us in a sea of mundane, fabricated celebrity vilification, because let’s face it, we thrive from greatness falling from grace. With slander being the face of celebrity culture in our day and age we so often forget the purpose and power of what these humans truly have to offer the world. This has never felt more potent than my intimate time spent with the ever charming, tabloid fodder Charlie… Read more »

So you want to quit?

If you’re reading this past midnight, once the normal folks have rolled down the shutters, chances are a hefty potato sack of a question hangs over your creative destiny. We all experience that crushing doubt, “Am I cut out for this Filmmaking lark?”, but what you should really be asking is “what made me crazy enough to begin in the first place?”. So when you hit that fork in the road, remind yourself what drew you to this crazy life and take the psychopath. The sweet golden years; operating your first camera, stroking the canvas with a fresh paint brush… Read more »