ABC’s 2016 Showreel: How It Was Made (Part 1)


A major ‘Oh Shit’ moment struck when we launched the new Showreel into cyberspace. It definitely wasn’t the quality, as we’re damn proud of the result. However, a brief disclaimer right at the beginning would of represented our Team’s thoughts in regards to the the making of it:



Time flies when you CGI

You might have guessed, but this screenshot shows the timeframe from the Reel’s First to Final Cut. Naturally, it wasn’t constant work, more a case of, whilst in between projects, let’s hammer out some hours.

My point is this; epic scope requires epic dedication. Film is rarely a sprint, but a beautiful marathon, and a glorious finish line.

This spirit has been embedded in A Bat Country Production’s blood since our humble beginnings. Swan dive into every project with a vision that only we can deliver and never compromise (but always be resourceful and efficient!)

Everyone wants to be me

Everyone wants to be THIS guy

Do I recommend spending every waking hour on your own Showreel? Lord no, in fact, the more time you spend tinkering, the less time you have to flex those creative muscles on other projects. Just remember, that you are but one Filmmaker in the realm of a million, and if you’re not devoted to an idea, there are others who are. Guaranteed.


Here’s why the 9-5 life will never be for me, nor should it be for any creative. Stagnancy kills imagination, and to leave a true legacy you must be a figure of innovation every single day.

The key takeaway for our Brands approach to the new Reel was simple; we had to demonstrate expansion over what came before.

The evolution five years later. [Insert homo-erectus joke]

In 2011, two fresh-faced Film graduates decided to venture into the world of CGI to give our brand new Company an unmistakable style, more crucially, a personality. The open road and desert represented who we were and our renegade sky’s the limit philosophy.

Five years later, that hasn’t changed an iota but our skills, team and ideas have, TREMENDOUSLY.

So the desert and trademark Red convertible was given a beautiful overhaul….

Check out Part 2 where the vision becomes a reality.

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