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EVERYONE must have a Showreel. I repeat, EVERYONE. You may only be a ‘Lighting’ gal’ right now, but if your dream (best have one of those too) is to be the Director of Photography for ‘Star Wars – Episode 16: Force Push It Real Good’ than start Reeling.

Directors inboxes are flooded with hopeful Filmmakers and Actors looking to begin their cinematic careers, and I’m sure I speak for my peers when I say, we ain’t reading all those CV’s. We got a LOT of other things that need to be done. This is a Visual Industry, so capture our imaginations with beautiful imagery, gut-wrenching performances and sharp cuts…

…but do it quick!

Reel It In

Did I mention we’re very busy? My 14+ hour workdays are super charged symphonies of meetings, phone calls, projects, teambuilding, and more phone calls. In my downtime, I like to pour myself a hefty vodka flavoured vodka drink and get down to more creative work.

So when I hit play on your 10-minute epic Reel, understand it’s being turned off after 5. And that’s if it’s remarkable.

Like the perfect Film Scene, your Reel MUST get in quick and leave early. Explode in the first 10 seconds and don’t slow that beast until fade out (5 minutes max please)

Say what you like about the ‘Saw’ franchise, but their Editing was tight. If I’m going to invest my precious minutes working with the next talented Filmmaker, I want them to prove they can dazzle me in the shortest time.

Top 10 Tips

Let’s BuzzFeed this mother lover.

“10 Magical Rules That Every Film Reel Must Follow”

  1. Short and Sweet. The best first Romantic dates leave you craving more.
  2. Explode out the gate. First 10 seconds are precious.
  3. Make it unique to your talent. Only you have your voice, sell it!
  4. Only the best shots please. Kill your babies.
  5. Famous faces work wonders for your Professionalism
  6. Footage that’s yours. We can tell if you were the Runner.
  7. Exciting, fitting music. Don’t forget Copyright laws.
  8. Visible contact info. Sherlock Holmes we are not.
  9. Know your audience. Horror is lost on Comedy employers
  10. Tag it up with flair. How can anyone find your masterpiece in the Youtube pit of ‘showreel2014’ labels?



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