ABC’s 2016 Showreel: How It Was Made (Part 3)


Whether you’re editing a Feature Film, Music Video, Showreel or Scientology Infomercial, structure is gospel (Can I get an amen Tom Cruise?). My audience must go on a journey of some kind, which is no easy feat when the purpose of a Showreel is essentially selling a Brand. It was important to assess what we wanted viewers to takeaway, so I devised a simple list. Style Skills Products Brand Ol’ fashioned Entertainment This was than broken down even further with how to address them. We knew there would be a CGI animated portion, a perfect opportunity to… Read more »

ABC’s 2016 Showreel: How It Was Made (Part 2)


Your most loyal Director is an Old School Filmmaker at heart. I grew up idolising the Kubrick’s, Hitchcock’s and any Horror schlock that could be snuck in at the midnight hour. Classic storytelling with a subversion of the norms teased me into this career and I feel honoured just to take a seat on this roller-coaster. These visionaries championed inventive new ways to integrate technology into their craft, so when the tired outcries of ‘CGI is the death of Cinema’ are hurled, I declare ‘Nay, it is the storyteller behind the effects not the technology itself’. When we first… Read more »

ABC’s 2016 Showreel: How It Was Made (Part 1)


A major ‘Oh Shit’ moment struck when we launched the new Showreel into cyberspace. It definitely wasn’t the quality, as we’re damn proud of the result. However, a brief disclaimer right at the beginning would of represented our Team’s thoughts in regards to the the making of it:



You might have guessed, but this screenshot shows the timeframe from the Reel’s First to Final Cut. Naturally, it wasn’t constant work, more a case of, whilst in between… Read more »

How To Make A Showreel


EVERYONE must have a Showreel. I repeat, EVERYONE. You may only be a ‘Lighting’ gal’ right now, but if your dream (best have one of those too) is to be the Director of Photography for ‘Star Wars – Episode 16: Force Push It Real Good’ than start Reeling. Directors inboxes are flooded with hopeful Filmmakers and Actors looking to begin their cinematic careers, and I’m sure I speak for my peers when I say, we ain’t reading all those CV’s. We got a LOT of other things that need to be done. This is a Visual Industry, so capture our imaginations with beautiful imagery,… Read more »

Music Videos: How Important Are They?

Do You Remember The Time?

Remember MJ’s “Thriller”, The Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up”, How about Fat Boy Slim “Weapon Of Choice Now think about what you really remember. Bet it’s dancing zombies, a female’s POV of a savage night out and Christopher Walken busting some ‘gold watch up my ass‘ kinda moves. Great Music will always capture audience attention, but a GREAT video will turn even the average of songs into a classic memory, serving up a whole spectrum of new fans that may have otherwise skipped that track.

Streaming For Success

The Online world has skyrocketed Music consumption to an unprecedented stratosphere…. Read more »